Safely Close Estate Sales Process in 20 Minutes

Sytemap enables Estate Developers and Agents to build trust by reducing the estate sales process time required to close deals to 20 minutes.

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Learn how Sytemap helps boost your client's trust and grow your revenue faster.

Sytemap enables the digitization of land/property records, efficient management of allocations, buyers, and agents, issuing invoices and seamless tracking of payments plans.

Use Satellite Map to give potential buyers access to your projects, integrated into your website.

Accelerate and simplify your payment process.

Be more transparent with your buyer and enhance their trust.

Digitize verification process for secondary buyers.

Why Sytemap

Make Your Business Stand Out from Your Competitors

Sytemap takes care of time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your main objectives: selling Estate Projects and satisfying your Buyers.

Powerful Technology

  • Fully customizable and self-hosted.
  • Track and access your sales progression 24/7
  • Reduce your Sales Process by at least 50%
  • Make Allocations quicker than ever before
  • Control what your internal and external teams can view and action on the platform
  • Minimize human error, and maximize customer service
  • Secured with Blockchain technology, making user data private and immune

Powerful Service

  • Communicate with your dedicated account manager and support team.
  • Receive full training for your internal and external sales teams, administrative staff
  • Have unlimited users – no license fee
  • One-time setup fee– no monthly subscriptions
  • Benefit from a 20+ tech team of software engineers and product managers, continuously enhancing the platform to ensure it grows with an ever-changing industry

What our customers are saying

Customer  Stories

Build more trust and appear transparent with Sytemap

Our deep understanding of how African real estate works, along with strong partnerships and investment allows us to build the tools you need to make your real estate business easy.

Leadway Properties' Payment

Using Sytemap, Leadway enables its clients to virtually choose their desired plots online make secure direct cash deposits and see their plots reserved for them instantly.

This also helps Leadway to know who paid, which plot they paid for and when it was paid without any bank account reconciliation.

Varosi's Allocation Process

Varosi Properties uses Sytemap to manage all their land allocations to remove human error or double allocations.

This also helps Varosi to know who paid, which plot they paid for and when it was paid at a glance.

Anorld and Associates' Agents Setup.

Arnold and Associates wants to streamline its agents’ registration and track their transactions.

Using Sytemap, Anorld and Associates enables its agents to effortlessly sign up, and access all its Estate projects and pay them instant commission when their clients make payments via Sytemap.

Virtual Site Tour

AlphaMead Map-based Estate Listing

Using Sytemap, AlphaMead clients and Agents can virtually access their estate projects online.

This will help their clients to verify estate locations and choose desired units or plots.

bamboo's Verifable Certificate of Allocation.

bamboo real estate uses Sytemap to create more assurance for their clients by issuing them a verifiable digital Certificate of  Allocation

Sytemap Platform

Infrastructure Across Real Estate Sector in emerging markets.

For Agents

For Agents

Access verified Estate Developers and their estate projects, build your Community and earn your commissions instantly
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For Proptech Startups

For Proptech Startups

Leverage on our API and embedded code to access Estate Projects and Build new revenue model.
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For Buyers

For Buyers

Access estate developers and their estate projects, verify them, reverve and monitor our plots of lands from anywhere Anytime.
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