We are building the Future of Transparent Real Estate Transactions in Africa

Sytemap brings a whole new dimension to the business of real estate development, putting estate developers at a great advantage using technology that allows them to operate a more fluid system which allows for better trust between the brand, its agent, and clients, better business and more success altogether.


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Our Core Value (CAPIT)

Sytemap is innovating the way estate developers across Africa earn the trust of property buyers and build confidence around every transaction with its digital land tool.


Simplifying and demystifying the entire process to bring you cutting-edge solutions that give you an edge, that is what we are about.


It’s one thing to make promises; it’s another to fulfill them. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.


As human beings, we come uniquely designed, and we are utterly aware and make room to accommodate that uniqueness while seeking to build great connections and thriving communities


Creativity and disruptive ideas, yes, please! We apply our creative mindset amplified by technology, and we are limitless.


We believe in being open and honest to build a deeper, more enduring relationship with all of our stakeholders.

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“We want to help real estate companies to be more effective and efficient and increase their revenue through digitial real estate ”

Nnamdi Uba

Nnamdi Uba

CEO of Sytemap

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We’re a team that’s bringing digital to  African Real Estate to the next billion people and we can only do this with the best talent. If this is you, we want you at Sytemap.

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